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Welcome to your holidays at the Baltic Sea

Herzlich willkommen in Ihrem Ostseeurlaub!

Wir begrüßen Sie in Graal-Müritz, dem Ostseeheilbad mit Tradition.

Dieses Haus ist seit dem 02.01.2019 geschlossen und wird nun abgerissen. 
An selber Stelle eröffnen wir für Sie im Frühjahr 2021 ein komplett neues Hotel.


Where the forest meets the sea...

The Seaside Spa Resort Graal-Müritz is located at the Bay of Mecklenburg, admist the Rostock Heath, the largest coastal forest of Germany. 

This unique landscape with its seemingly endless broad and sandy beaches and its special bioclimatic interplay of forest, moor and Baltic Sea has been famous for over 200 years among those who seek the beach and the ease. 360 meters pier reveal fantastic views. On Sundays a little excursion ship docks at the pier offering tours. 5 kilometer of boardwalk encourage to stroll behind the sandy dunes and have a rest in a variety of cafés and restaurants.

The large Rhododendron Park is a beauty in every season. Still, in May and June over blooming 2.500 shrups form an ocean of colours. Graal-Müritz is one milestone along the 670 kilometer bicycle trail along the coast of the Baltic Sea. On day trips you can easily visit the neighbouring seaside resorts Warnemünde and Fischland-Darß-Zingst. Throughout the east of Graal-Müritz extends the natural reserve Ribnitz Vast Moor. Plenty of idyllic hiking trails can be explored by yourself or joining a guided tour.

Graal-Müritz presents itself as a true jewel among the German seaside resorts and is indeed worth visiting all year long.